Clash is a beautiful and family friendly game where all ages can play together in a fun and competitive gaming environment. Every character have a unique design and personality, Kibo, the white lion king of the Savannah, Lazarus the furious hunter of the night, Ceto the wimpy protector of the deep and Xian Yu the jolly Guardian of the Sun Valley.

This is a fast-paced four-player fantasy arena fighter. The focus of the game is to defeat your friends in a couch gaming manner. Each player has two combat options: A magical shield block and a dash attack. There are different game modes that have different objectives for players to compete against each other.

Game overview:

Fantasy / Arena fighter / 2D platform / couch game / Hot seat.


August 21st - 2015.


Clash started as a student project on a student trip in Seattle Oct. 2013. Back then, it was called Battle Metro and was about poncho-clad animals fighting in Seattle underground. It won 4 prizes of 5 (Best: sound / graphic / gameplay / overall game). After it got a reskin to a more colorful epic design, more level designs / mechanics it became the game it is today. It was shown at E3 2015, as a part of Microsofts indie segment and will be released the 21st August.